The Balance of Power, Forgotten Realms

The End Before the Beginning
Character backstories

Ashar is a female sandsoul Genasi Assault Swordmage. (She’s having trouble remembering the rest…)

Lily Woodstock is a female Half-elf Cunning Bard. Tall, slender, and a shock of bright pink hair after which she was named – the lilies of their village sharing the same pink hue. She always has a smile on her face, which lends to her often childlike appearance. Ever sunny, upbeat, and full of song. Raised by a human father and an elvish mother in a halfling community, Lily had a very open and liberal upbringing, full of ale, pipe weed, and art. It shows in her understanding and fair view of the world.

Melenna is a female Eladrin Control Wizard. Her family came from the noble Eladrin city of Evereska. She was taught by her mentor, Balu, another Eladrin Wizard, of Stonewrought in the southern region of the Graypeak Mountains. She knows that there is much magical knowledge in the major city of Silverymoon to the north , and that money can buy pretty much anything (rituals, components, etc.) in the major city of Waterdeep on the coast to the west. Travel is dangerous alone, so Balu paid for her to travel with some traders to Loudwater. Lily is also travelling with the traders for safety, though you suspect she charmed her way out of paying (maybe the fair is a song a day…)

Rek is a male Half-Orc Barbarian. Rek was born in Luruar, but he moved with his mother (a human) to the city of Loudwater when he was a toddler. Rek likes to walk around in the natural world and commune with primal spirits. Currently, Rek works at the docks in Loudwater, loading and unloading boats all day—but it’s easy work, since Rek is one of the strongest guys in town.

The Rogue once worked at a circus. All other information on this shadowy character is sketchy at best.

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