Telling Time

There is no universal system of telling time in Toril. However, information on the most common reckoning system is below

Time of Day

Inhabitants can tell time with sandglasses, water clocks, and sundials.

Toril has a 24 hour day. Time is divided into “watches,” which follow traditional guard shifts. Watches start every six hours and reset each day. Therefore, the equivalent of 6AM would be the beginning of second watch, and 3:30PM would be between third and fourth watch.

Time in the Year

Toril has a 365.25 day year (just like Earth). There are twelve months, each consisting of thirty days, organized into three sets of “tendays.” Fore more info, see The Calendar of Harptos

The adventure starts on the 13th day of Mirtul in the year 1479 Dalereckoning (DR). According to the Forgotten Realms Campaign Handbook, “The year 1 DR was marked by the first raising of the Standing Stone and the pact between the elves of Cormanthor and the first human settlers of the Dalelands.” Most inhabitants don’t bother with numbering the years, and prefer to refer to years using names. Some samples:

  • 1479 DR – The Year of the Ageless One
  • 1385 DR – The Year of Blue Fire
  • 1374 DR – The Year of Lightning Storms
  • 1358 DR – The Year of Shadows
  • 926 DR – The Year of the Fearless Peasant

Telling Time

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