The Calendar of Harptos


We owe the Calendar of Harptos, and the entire world of Forgotten Realms as a matter of fact, to Ed Greenwood, one of the D&D patriarchs.

The Calendar

The name of each month in the Calendar of Harptos is listed below, from the beginning of a calendar year to the end. Each month’s name is followed by a colloquial description of that month, plus the corresponding month of the Gregorian calendar (in parentheses). Special days are listed when they occur between months and appear in italic type.

1. Hammer; Deepwinter. (January)
2. Alturiak; The Claws of Winter, or The Claws of the Cold. (February)
3. Ches; The Claws of the Sunsets. (March)
4. Tarsakh; The Claws of the Storms. (April)
5. Mirtul; The Melting. (May)
6. Kythorn; The Time of Flowers. (June)
7. Flamerule; Summertide. (July)
8. Eleasias; Highsun.(August)
9. Eleint; The Fading. (September)
10. Marpenoth; Leafall. (October)
11. Uktar; The Rotting. (November)
The Feast of the Moon
12. Nightal; The Drawing Down. (December)

The Calendar of Harptos

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